Here at the Tony Lubbe Group, we have your financial interests at heart.  For this reason, we offer a holistic business solution making us your one-stop financial and tax advisory. We work so that your money can work for you.

Here’s how:


The legalities

Our first stage involves setting up an appointment to discuss your needs and expectations.  If you’re satisfied, you sign our mandates which allow us to give you the service you deserve


Income planning

In the appointment, we tailor-make an income plan that covers your income tax past and present, your company membership, retirement annuity, assets, and estate value; to determine how we can help save you money.


All set!

As a client, you are now on your way to the financial independence you’ve always dreamed of!


Your referral keeps the ball rolling

To date, we have assisted hundreds of clients in having the kind of life they’ve always wanted and it’s owed to YOU.  The biggest compliment is a referral and we appreciate every single one that’s kept the ball rolling!

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