We believe in investing in people and building meaningful bonds. With over 100 years of combined experience, we've got a well-seasoned team at the helm. The TLG understands that in order to create real, lasting value for their clients, you need to have an eagle-eye perspective to finance.

That’s why Tony and his team of high-qualified professionals provide their clients with a holistic approach to growing and preserving their wealth.

Kerry Thomas

Kerry Lubbe

DIRECTOR - Rubbprize Investments;

MANAGER - 6 years experience at Literally Tax Consulting and Segnen Group Consultancy

Francis Maseko

Francis Maseko


  • Bobby Brokers Pty (Ltd)
  • Phoenix Business Consulting Pty (Ltd)

MANAGER - 18 years experience in Personal Accounts at Literally Tax Consulting 

Charles Makobela

Charles Mabokela


  • Bobby Brokers Pty (Ltd)
  • Phoenix Business Consulting Pty(Ltd)

MANAGER - 15 years experience in Tax and Bookkeeping at Literally Tax Consulting

Gugu Msipa

Gugulethu Maseko

MANAGER - 10 years experience as a Paralegal Manager at Literally Tax Consulting


Darren Tatchell


  • 41 years experience in Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • 15 years as Projects Manager at Phoenix Business Consulting Pty (Ltd)

Taryn Keys

MANAGER - 2 years experience as Assistant Manager at Segnen Discovery Group Consultancy


Kobus Willemse

MANAGER - 35 years experience in Human Resources (HR)


Dean Jones

MANAGER - 4 years experience as Manager at Bobby Brokers Pty (Ltd)