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We pride ourselves in being able to bring added value to our clients by delivering professional services and expertise. Individual and corporate tax consulting and compliance is the cornerstone of our service offering.

We all need some form of medical aid cover to make sure that we are able to get the proper treatment and care when we need it most. With so many awesome plans available, we can assist you in committing to the best medical aid for you and your loved ones.

We prepare from various source documents such as customer invoices, supplier invoices and bank statements, a full set of management accounts on a regular monthly basis. Your source documents are captured in Sage Pastel Partner. We strive to provide affordable services to our clients!

Discovery Group Risk aims to protect employees and their families from unforeseen circumstances while rewarding them for living healthier. With improved health, employees claim less, meaning that we can return the savings from less claims to them through improved pricing and superior benefits. Employers can choose the benefits offered and the amount of protection they want to provide to their employees.

We provide a cost effective payroll administration service with a high level review of remuneration / fees to ensure compliance with tax legislation and other statutory requirements.

We also offer the following services: 

  • Contracts and legal agreements.
  • Estate planning and administration.
  • General legal consultation.
  • Registration and administration of trusts.
  • Wills and testaments.

We pride ourselves in being able to bring added value to our clients in ensuring protection of the wealth and assets that they have worked so hard to acquire, as well as the assistance of wealth creation itself.


Tony Lubbe is the Founding Director of The Tony Lubbe Group which is a Holding Company for 6 subsidiary companies. He has over 35 years of professional experience in the Tax Consulting and Wealth Creation industry.

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